Bayards Cove
Our book on the history of Bayards Cove has proved to be very popular. There is still more to be discovered about the Cove so it is good news that the owner of Holset House on the quay, has offered to help us with our research. If anybody else has information we would love to hear from them.

Thomas Newcomen of Dartmouth
Sales of this booklet, jointly produced by the DHRG and the D&K Society, continue to go well. So far over 580 copies have been sold.They are available from the Dartmouth Community Bookshop, the Tourist Information Centre and Dartmouth Museum.

Dartmouths first car
While Thomas Newcomen, inventor of the first successful steam engine, is now a household name in Dartmouth, there is another engineer who is much less well known: Harry Inder, who designed and built the first motor cars in Dartmouth.
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two old documents and an old photo of a woman
Our new look Website
The History Group site was first set up in 2006 it was not foreseen how it would grow both in the amount of information and in visitor numbers and it has to some extent become a victim of its own success with problems occasionally being experienced both in finding archive information which was on the site and in uploading new material in its various formats.

With the aim of improving both these aspects without radically redesigning the site we were looking for some time to find a web designer with a background in sites with contents such as ours. We were very fortunate in being given the name of such a person.

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DVD of Jacks Walk to School in the 1920s
Here at last
Join Jack McKay on his journey from his home at Sandquay to the Infants school in Higher Street.
Hear the story of the submarine on Coombe Mud and about the people who lived on route and the shops he passed
A unique insight into life in Dartmouth in those days.
First shown at the Dartmouth History Groupís 21st birthday presentation at the Flavel Centre
Available through this website, Dartmouth Museum or the Community Bookshop.

To hear the full interview enter 102655 in the search box

RRP £ 6.00 + P & P.